Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's get started with Embedded JavaScript

BeagleBone provides super simple way of getting started with embedded JavaScript programming. BoneScript Node.JS library provides Arduino style function calls for interfacing with hardware. Together with Cloud9 IDE, all the pieces of embedded development are in place.

Cloud9 is an open source IDE dedicated for JavaScript development. It is by itself written in JavaScript and uses Node.JS. C9 provides easy deployment to several cloud services, like Azure and Heroku. In case of BeagleBone, one can save and execute JavaScript code directly in the target hardware, without a separate deployment phase.

Start of Javascript programming requires just a few steps:

  1. Connect USB cable in between BeagleBone and your PC 
  2.  Install Ethernet-over-USB drivers, according to instructions
  3. Open  URL to start C9 IDE
  4. Start coding, and run your code in target hardware by a single click

Later on, you can skip step #2, and if your BeagleBone is connected to Ethernet, you can skip the step #1 as well. Hard to make it more simple than that. I remember the good old days when embedded programming required first to construct a programming device and an UV erase chamber…

Cloud9 IDE with BoneScript example code, connected to my BeagleBone.

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