Thursday, October 24, 2013


Why to use QR code as RFID can do all the same and much more? That's true, but it does not mean QR code would be obsolete. There are couple of arguments pro QR.

First of all, number of devices capable of reading QR codes exceeds multi-fold the number of devices capable of reading RFID or do NFC. Potentially every smart phone, tablet, laptop and any device with camera can do QR reading. Only very limited number of mobiles or specific devices can do RFID/NFC communication.

QR code is also ultimately cheap. Even if RFID tags are inexpensive nowadays, I haven't seen any newspaper having RFIDs embedded on pages. But I have seen many magazines having QR codes printed on pages. Sticker with QR codes printed are and will be cheaper than stickers with RFID chip embedded.

QR code is static and one way. Thus there is and will be rationale for both technologies to exists side by side.

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