Saturday, December 7, 2013

Industrial Internet for Test systems

Last week at Nordic Test Forum in Tallinn, Espotel and Virinco released co-operation in providing remote management for production test systems. Press release (pdf).

Virinco has spent 10 years developing a world class tool software WATS for test results collection, data analysis and presentation, and remote maintenace of test stations. WATS is available as cloud service SkyWATS and  on-site installed service. Greatest added value of WATS is that brand owner sees what's going on in the production, in reality and real-time.

Espotel provides state of the art production test systems under Procket brand. Together with WATS remote management, Espotel can provide turn-key solutions for production testing. Together, we have several promises:
  • Your product: Tested in production
  • Your data: Analyzed in real-time
  •  Your tester: Maintained

Why should product owner own the test system in the first place? Especially if production is outsourced to Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS).

First of all, own tester gives flexibility and independence over EMS. Production is easy to transfer from one facility to another, and to multiply to several facilities administered by different EMS companies. And what's most important, quality of production is guaranteed, no matter where it happens.

Owned test system provides also possibility to have real-time visibility to production, and possibility to improve product design if necessary. Why does that matter if we pay to the EMS only for functional units delivered? Well, the customer pays for the discarded products as well, one way or another.  The better the yield the lower margin the EMS needs to maintain profitable business.

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