Thursday, October 30, 2014

IoT rocks

IBM Insight 2014 in Las Vegas is over now, here are some remarks.

Mobile first, Cloud and Watson are the big things of the day. IoT is a rising trend, but a bit curiosity among IT people. IBM is still refining it's IoT strategy, but the importance is well recognized. Bluemix is one the key enablers of the new era.

In the main session at Tuesday morning, even a live IoT-demo with Bluemix and Node-RED was presented. I felt that so familiar. Some readers may remember my Bluemix-journey starting from the IOTcoop with very much the same technologies.

MQTT plays essential role how devices are connected. Actually, meanwhile IBM people had their event, OASIS organization officially approved new version 3.1.1 of MQTT standard. I'm a member in the Technical Comittee.

Presentation slide of John Thompson.
I had my priviledge to attend a Business and Industry Leadership Executive Luncheon, hosted by the Vice President, Internet of Things Strategy, John Thompson. John gave an awesome speech about Internet of Things. He really knows what he is talking about, and well recognized all the challenges which well known by Embedded Systems and IoT players like my company.

John stated 70% of technology is the same in traditional IT and IoT, but 30% is different and that's why it is hard for traditional IT players to succeed in any IoT project. The snapshot from his attachment highlights the key differentiating factors. It's interesting to notice that it's not only about technology, but people as well. In IoT, your partners are different to tradional IT.

Companies like Espotel are the rising stars of the new IoT era.

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