Thursday, April 23, 2015

Driving global success of the LoRaWAN protocol

LoRaWAN 1.0 draft specification has passed the review period within LoRa Alliance, making it one step closer to ratification. As a LoRa Alliance member and in order to increase public awareness of LoRa RF technology, Espotel will launch an IoT campaign for the rest of the year.

Weatherproof LoRa gateway with Multitech Conduit
in a box and improved 868 MHz antenna.
An open and free of charge LoRa gateway located at the roof of  Espotel HQ in Espoo Finland will play central role within the campaign. The gateway is implemented with Multitech MultiConnect Conduit IoT Gateway with LoRa extension, located inside an IP65 classified plastic chassis for weather resistance and connected to Taoglas Omni-directional Outdoor 868 MHz ISM-band dipole antenna. Multitech Conduit gateway and mDot LoRa module conform with the LoRaWAN 1.0 protocol specification.

Expected network coverage spans over the southern part of the city of Espoo, including Aalto University campus in Otaniemi.

Expected coverage of the Espotel open LoRa network.

Espotel will organize and sponsor events like hackathons and other developer-oriented activities in order to provide hands-on experiences with capabilities of the radio technology. ARM mbed development environment makes it easy to start implementing custom applications. As the official ARM mbed Ecosystem partner, Espotel is committed to leverage mbed technology and bring platform support to the environment.

Example device RaspberryPi2 retrofitted with Multitech mDot LoRa module.

Together with technology partners like IBM, Multitech and Semtech, Espotel will organize business events to increase awareness of benefits of LoRa technology among decision makers and influencers within different industries.

Within the LoRa Alliance, Espotel is actively driving LoRaWAN conformance certification process, and intents to be become an Alliance acknowledged LoRaWAN conformance certification house. This is natural extension to the test and certification services provided by Espotel's accredited laboratory facilities in Finland.

This short video (2:33) gives a nice overview of our laboratory facilities. Our reference customer design, Enevo smart waste sensor is acting as a case example of testing service:

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