Friday, May 22, 2015

Lora Network Coverage

Espotel LoRa network covers most of Espoo populated area with cell diameter of 20 km. Tested performance exceeds initial estimation.

Once the gateway passed solar powered test period, it was erected to it's final position at the highest point at roof-top of Espotel HQ, some 6 meters higher than previously in a more difficult to reach location some 15-20 meters above the ground.

Now more comprehensive network coverage test was performed. The testing focused on uplink performance. Results with distances from the gateway:
  • 10 km - Stationary nodes in good position with proper antenna
  • 7.5 km - Vehicle mount with external antenna
  • 5 km - Indoor coverage with dipole antenna
  • 2.5 km - Indoor coverage with integrated antenna
Espotel LoRa network coverage.
The network covers majority of the city of Espoo with more than 90% of it's population. Communication is possibly also in western parts of Helsinki downtown and from tall buildings further away. The map indicates circles with radius of 10km, 7.5km, 5km and 2.5km. 

868 MHz half-wave dipole antenna with magnetic mount at car roof-top.
Testing was performed using standard type 868 MHz half-wave dipole antenna mounted at vehicle roof-top with magnetic mount. Multitech mDot Lora-module was used with default parameter configuration.

Within distance from 7,5 to 10 km it was possible to communicate from car to the gateway every now and then, but in practice the reasonable maximum distance is about 7,5 km due to increased packet-loss ratio while distance increases.

Espotel engineer installing the gateway in it's new location.


  1. Which car mount antenna you use ?

  2. Hi! How much high building (5 or 9 floors) do you have in 2,5 km and 5 km zones