Friday, September 4, 2015

Conduit LoRa gateway and Espotel LoRa device supporting ThingPark

Multitech MultiConnect Conduit is latest LoRa gateway supporting Actility's ThingPark LoRa Network Server. I just got one of the very first setups.

Conduit gateway connected to ThingPark.
Recently Actility and Multitech created a custom firmware for Conduit to provide connectivity to ThingPark backend. Thanks to that, now there exists cost-efficient alternative gateway available for LoRa networks operated with ThingPark network management solution. Conduit may improve indoor coverage of public LoRa networks, or it can be used in private network installations. Later this year Multitech will introduce outdoor installation kit with IP-classified chassis and optional solar power pack.

Multitech and Kerlink gateways listed in my ThingPark account.
Espotel recently joined Actility's ThingPark certification program. The aim is to provide end-devices compliant with the ThinkPark network management solution. Espotel is now finalizing it's own LoRa reference design, nickname "ELMO" (Espotel LoRa Modem), which is Arduino form-factor compatible prototyping device.

Espotel LoRa Modem "ELMO"
ELMO will be LoRaWAN certified and tested against Actility's requirements. Right at the moment our engineers are working to introduce ELMO as public platform in ARM mbed development environment.

ELMO has dual Arduino-pinheaders. This enables function as a master or slave. ELMO can be used as LoRa-shield for external MCU boards, like STM32-Nucleo, Freescale FRDM, or Arduino. ELMO also supports integration of application software and protocol stack into one and running them both directly in ELMO's own MCU without external MCU needed. In both scenarios, 3rd party shields can be used to provide additional interfaces and sensors.


  1. "ELMO has dual Arduino-pinheaders. This enables function as a master or slave."

    Very cool! Is there any information on how to use it in slave mode?

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