Wednesday, April 23, 2014

10'000 Views

According to statistics of the Google Blogger, the blog has reached the milestone of 10'000 views Today.

The increasing number of visitors encourages me to continue writing about my views and opinions of Embedded stuff.

According to Blogger Stats, Top-5 origins of visitors in order of magnitude are: US, Finland, Poland, UK, and Germany. US and UK are as expected, as I'm trying to do my best in writing in English. Finland is the country of my origin. The company has R&D center in Poland also, which explains visitors from that country. In the list there is one country, Germany, which does not have any other excuse except they have found the blog interesting enough. Originally I expected some interest from Sweden as well, but that haven't happened yet.

There are many writings in the net stating Blogger Stats is not as accurate as Google Analytics. For example, bots may be counted as visitors. On the other hand, as dynamic views are not enabled at the moment, every visitor is counted as one, regardless how many blog writings are read within one visit. Thus the number of individual blog posting reads is perhaps 2-10 times higher.

Thank you for reading. Let's keep going on!

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